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Student Fees

Types of Fees

  • Campus-Based Fees: Mandatory fees that support student services, programs, and facilities. These include (but are not limited to) the fees resulting from the student fee referenda elections overseen by the SFRC and supported by a majority of voting students in accordance with campus policy.
  • Fees Related to Enrollment: Fees required as a condition of enrollment at the University. These include the Educational Fee, the Health Insurance Fee, the Nonresident Tuition Fee, and the Student Services Fee (formerly known as the University registration Fee).
  • Course Materials Fees: A course materials fee (CMF) is assessed to students enrolled in specially designated courses, such as Journalism, Physics as well as many others.

Some Campus-Based Fees are eligible for student vote and approval, as provided in the campus policy, but Course Material Fees and Fees Related to Enrollment are not.

Other UC Campus Fees

The current campus-based fees at other UC campuses can be found at the following links: