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Respect & Civility in the Campus Community

The University of California at Berkeley is a public institution of higher education committed to excellence in teaching, research, and public service. Our student body represents the diversity of our state, and will provide its future leaders. Together, the students, faculty, and staff form our campus community, which reflects a variety of backgrounds and cultures. The quality of life on and about the campus is best served by courteous and dignified interaction between all individuals, regardless of sex, ethnic or religious background, sexual orientation, or disability.

Therefore, the administration of this University publicly declares its expectation that all members of the campus community will work to develop and maintain a high degree of respect and civility for the wealth of diversity in which we are all fortunate to live and work together. This civility and respect for diversity ought to flourish in an atmosphere of academic freedom that is considerate and tolerant of the ideas of others. The administration of this University expects you to consult the student conduct code for specific regulations regarding respect and civility.