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Black Lives Matter Resources

Student Affairs Divisional Response


We are appalled and heartbroken by the racist killings and stand in solidarity with the Black and African American community. Tragically, these deaths are not isolated, nor is the racism that underlies them.

These racist killings reflect 400 years of structural and systemic oppression, injustice, and violence against Black people in this country. As a division, we stand against anti-Blackness and racism. We must commit ourselves to addressing systemic oppression, racism, and discrimination and hold accountable our institutions and structures — nationally, locally, and here on campus. As we hold fast to our principles of community, we must bring about meaningful change to build a more just and equitable society.

We encourage every member of Student Affairs to take action and develop ideas, strategies, and resources to address anti-Blackness as well as other forms of oppression wherever they exist. We express our deepest appreciation to the members of our Black and African American community for all that they are holding. To our other colleagues, especially white colleagues, please commit to the self-reflection, self-education and personal growth needed to create a more just, equitable and inclusive environment for all. Below is a curated list of campus resources to support our Black and African American students and staff as well as resources for allies to deepen their learning.

Resources for Black & African American Students

Resources for Black & African American Staff and Faculty

Resources for Allyship


A selection of resources compiled by colleagues in the UC Berkeley Black Staff & Faculty Organization.

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